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4 Textbooks That Shaped My Self Taught Developer Journey

This is a short list of 4 programming textbooks, that really shaped me, as I entered into the software developing world. This not a list of books I'm urging anyone to read, they are just books that really taught me a lot, or got my mind churning. They are ordered in the chronological order in wh... (click for more)

Published: March 9,  2019

Upgrading This Site From Rails 5.2 - My Initial Rails 6.0 Impressions

     I recently abandoned this website for a couple of months. After hearing about the release of the Rails 6 beta, I decided to nuke the server this site lives on, and take 6.0 for a spin. I'm still in the transition process of that upgrade, but so far, it has been a pleasant experience. The on... (click for more)

Published: March 8,  2019